Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

DevArticles.com: A Three Part Tutorial – Sending Email with Ajax

Category: Ajax, CSS, HTML, PHP

<p> DevArticles.com has posted all three parts of a series over on their site – “Sending Email with Ajax”. It follows a step by step process of building up the client-side interface (with Ajax’s help) and the server-side code that interacts with it (in this case PHP).

  • Part one starts the process off, talking about the user interface for the application – how to style it with CSS and defining the (X)HTML framework.
  • Part two builds on the previous application structure and creates various modules that can be used on the client (“email sender”, “contact listing”, and “contact insertion”). This part actually has the code to start up the application and get things running.
  • Wrapping it all up is Part three, the construction of the server-side pieces – all written in PHP. They demonstrate how the scripts can add a contact to the listing held in an XML document on the server and send a simple, quick email with the parameters from the client-side application.

At the end, you’ll have an email application that can run without a single reload and can send emails and track a simple contact listing. Of course, the server-side piece can be swapped out for any language of your choosing – one of the wonderful things about Ajax…

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Comment by Remon — March 8, 2006

good. now please tell them to optimize their web site so that I can look at the content without having to wait for the page to load. it’s unattractive…

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Comment by sdgf — June 10, 2006

good. now please tell them to optimize their web site so that I can look at the content without having to wait for the page to load. it’s unattractive…

Comment by play65 — June 15, 2006

Massa hem. Gostei.

Comment by Eduardo Oliveira — July 11, 2006


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