Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Developer evangelism handbook released

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As developers, it can be hard to get your voice heard in a company. Whilst our products depend on developers building them the right way, other people seem to call the shots about where they are going.

This becomes disastrous when a company tries to reach developers with their product. Normal marketing and PR stunts normally fail to get us excited. To work around this issue, clever companies allow developers to move into a role of developer evangelists.

A developer evangelist is a spokesperson, mediator and translator between a company and both its technical staff and outside developers.

This is my job at the moment, and I was asked by people I trained if there is a handbook about the skills needed to do this job, so I wrote one.

Check out the The Developer Evangelist handbook

The handbook explains several things:

  • What developer evangelism is
  • What makes a good developer evangelist
  • How to write for the web
  • How to use social media and the web to promote content
  • How to deliver great presentations
  • How to deal with criticism of your company and what to do with the competition
  • How to write easy to understand and useful code examples
  • The handbook is Creative Commons and free to use. I am working on getting a printed version out, too.

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    Awesome. I’m looking forward to reading this

    Comment by WillPeavy — July 29, 2009

    Why not provide a PDF version. I appreciate the sharing of your work but I guess I’m not alone when I say that HTML texts always activate the tl;dr event in my brain.

    Thank you

    Comment by perusio — July 29, 2009

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