Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Digg Spy v2

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Digg Spy has been upgraded with a bunch of new features. There are some nice new filter and extra event types covered.

But the most notable feature is the Periodic Refresh. It used to update at a leisurely pace of once every few seconds, and is now a kind of “Hyper Refresh” with updates around each second. It certainly has a nice live feel to it, but the links are rarely stationary long enough to click on them! To compensate, there’s a pause button, perhaps an Ajax first? FactoryCity draws the video game analogy: “I’m all for a more interactive web, but Frogger never seemed like an ideal interface for consuming news!”.

Maybe it would be more usable if it paused automatically when the mouse hovers over the link column.

BTW, there’s lots of Scriptaculous libraries under the covers, though it’s not clear that all of them are used at this time.

Digg Spy

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 8:37 pm

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Back button creates some problems – original page stays in cache so not so easy if you want to go back from one story to look at another that was subsequently loaded via call. (hmm, could my sentence structure get any worse?!)

Comment by Vito — December 24, 2005

Really nice :)

Exactly the same can be done with zumiPage for ASP.NET within seconds.

Comment by Amir Leshem — December 24, 2005 is a new directory…

Here you are…

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Comment by Hazem Torab — December 24, 2005

More tools are available at the regularly updated Complete Digg Tools Collection

Comment by Quick Online Tips — December 28, 2005

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