Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Dishola: Web 2.0 Restaurant Guide

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Dishola is a new site that aims to be the Web 2.0 restaurant guide.

The site was built with CakePHP (v1.2) and is unobtrusively decorated w/ Ajax thanks to addDOMLoadEvent and Cake’s RequestHandler component (for instance, if you’re logged in and click on the “Add to My Future Feasts” link before the DOM has loaded, the href works as expected, but most likely you’ll get the inline ajax experience).

If you register and “Add a Dish” you’ll see that we’re using Yahoo’s Local Search API to match up the restaurant to something already in their db (thus ensuring geocodes, data normalization, and a yahoo_id with which to link into reviews, and most importantly it saves the user the tedium of finding this stuff and cutting and pasting) And if the restaurant say isn’t in Yahoo Local yet, the entered address gets geocoded via Google. I think this is probably the neatest feature on the site so far.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:25 am

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I hope Boston and New York get popular on it. On the note of other Web 2.0 sites, does anyone think a Web 2.0 website where you submit and vote on events (concerts, lectures, talks, parties, exhibitions, festivals, etc.) in your area would be popular?

If so I’m thinking about starting one because it’s about time that I could get a list of all the events in the Boston area, particularly in universities, whose great events never show up in newspapers or any other accumulated listings. Does such a website exist? If not, any suggestions on what would make one worthwhile?

Comment by superpotential — January 4, 2007

Great looking (and working) site!
I love websites made with passion!

Comment by Kabturek — January 4, 2007

This site is pretty cool. I do however wonder how many people will use it via mobile phone and what features could be added to make that easier.

Comment by whurley — January 4, 2007

This is an awesome website. As a foodie I have always wanted a website where I can search or post my favorite dishes and review them. The whole web 2.0 experience sweetens the deal. Thanks Dishola ^_^

Comment by egosal — January 4, 2007

I love this site! The foodie in me is drooling. Wait til I get to Pulvos w/my digicam.

Comment by carey gezerola — January 4, 2007

Love it!

First, it’s clean and simple.

Second, I can’t tell you how many times I just want to know where to get the best sushi/pho/steak in my home town or when I travel. This is awesome!

Very nice…

Comment by lanakm — January 4, 2007

Great concept, awesome site.

Comment by Cristian — January 4, 2007

I got the privilege of testing out Dishola before it’s public release — and all I can say is that it is extremely well engineered — and something I will definitely be using for years to come.

Comment by Erica — January 4, 2007

Would be great if Dishola would use the data provided by chefmoz (part of the open directory project).
They would get a lot of data for free, together with reviews. The IP2Location lookup doesn’t work properly for me, maybe it runs better for US citizens.

Comment by Dave — January 11, 2007

Doesn’t the use of Yahoo Local goes against the terms of service? I see two potential problems:

1) Yahoo APIs may not be combined with competitor’s (eg, Dishola is using Google maps and Adwords)
2) Yahoo Local, to my understanding, currently may not be used for any commercial purposes.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic site. I’m jealous.

Comment by Daniel Naab — January 13, 2007

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