Friday, September 25th, 2009

Dive Into HTML 5, Intro Articles, and IE 6 Cheatsheet

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I’ve come across a few nice educational articles on HTML 5 recently I want to share.

The first is from Mark Pilgrim, who has been writing a new book called Dive Into HTML 5. He has put up two chapters already, “Detecting HTML5 Features: It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson” and “Let’s Call It a Draw(ing Surface).” This is a solid work, complete with inline interactive code samples, well integrated small tables listing browser support, cool woodcut illustrations, and Mark’s trademarked sardonic whit:

Snapshot from Mark Pilgrim's book

The chapters themselves even detect whether your browser supports various features as it explains them to you:


The second article comes from Adam Griffiths. His article gives a general overview of the lay of the HTML 5 land, helping you to orient yourself in terms of the major new features in the upcoming standard. It’s also a nice HTML 5 cheatsheet. (Via Hawyphp).

The third good HTML 5 intro article comes from our designer brothers and sisters over at A List Apart, titled “Get Ready for HTML 5.”

Speaking of cheatsheets, even though it’s not related to HTML 5, comes a useful IE 6 cheatsheet titled “Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs.” They have a condensed list of all the bugs and the solutions you might run into when developing for IE 6 (which I had to do for SVG Web, for example).

[Disclosure: Mark Pilgrim is on the same team as I am at Google, but I’m just blogging this because I find it a useful resource and not because I know the guy :)]

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Thank you for the great resources. I’ve been meaning to “dive into HTML5” (that’s right, I went there! ;)) and this is a great starting point. Not to mention that gem of a site – “ie6 cheatsheet” – if only someone at MS would print it out as a huge banner and hang it in the IE dev room – so they never repeat these mistakes again.

Comment by iliad — September 25, 2009

Thank you very much for the mention on the IE6 cheatsheet.

Comment by VirtuosiMedia — September 25, 2009

Thanks dude, I’ll be using HTML5 for my dissertation so thanks :D

Comment by aaronmcadam — September 26, 2009

Even if the IE6 thing may be a good well documented resource. It really shouldn’t exist in 2009. We should be dropping old browsers instead of supporting hacks for them. The company I work for will be dropping support for IE6 and IE7 in the next few months, and since we started the transition developing websites has never been easier. I beg of you, do the same, and stop praising hacks for stupid browsers.

Comment by DragoshDX2 — September 28, 2009

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