Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Doctype: You want tests with your copy?

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Doctype is an exciting beast, and for many reasons. Having a place to collect this data is key, and as I said yesterday, I can’t wait to see it grow as an open resource.

The other cool part of Doctype is that there are tests to backup claims. This seems like a “no brainer” as some of my ‘sherman’ friends would put it, as it is the corner stone of science.

The tests are shown through the corpus itself, but you can also go directly to the tests as they live in the Google Code project.

Take a peak at say the document tests and you will start to see how much work Mark has put into this, to give us a solid base to go on from.

You will also see that the tests use a goog.* set of JavaScript libraries that are interesting in their own right.

Simon Willison has already found some interesting things such as:

The Goog library includes code to detect the user’s installed version of iPhoto, based on reverse engineering the Gallery RSS feeds.

There is a lot of great code in there, so do some archeology if you have a spare cycle or two. And, let us know what you find!

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Dojo 0.4.3 anyone?

Comment by Jordan1 — May 15, 2008

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