Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Dojo 0.4.1: Stability, Performance, and more

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The Dojo Toolkit has a new version 0.4.1 release.

We talked to Alex Russell about the release:

What is good about 0.4.1

It’s a stability and performance release so we recommend it for everyone who was already using 0.4.0. For those folks, it should be a very straightforward upgrade. The last major release added a lot of new features and in the intervening time we’ve had a chance to shake those things out a bit more. Notably:

  • James Burke’s excellent work (thanks to AOL) on safe cross-domain XHR has yielded a solution for IE 7. This is the best way to do serious, safe cross-domain work while we wait for something like Doug Crockford’s <module> proposal to be implemented by the browsers.
  • resource and localization “flattening” for builds makes the system perform better when using i18n.
  • a native provider for the WhatWG storage APIs. Apps that have been using the Flash storage provider don’t have to change any of their code to take advantage of it. It Just Works thanks to Brad Neuberg.
  • we spent a *lot* of time adding documentation for many of the previously opaque modules. Owen Williams, Carla Mott, and Neil Roberts have been building tools and herding cats to get this done.
  • Bill Keese and Liu Cougar closed more bugs than everyone else combined while they polished and and improved the widgets. Everyone using widgets should see the impact of their work in improved reliability.

Why should people upgrade?

If folks were holding out on 0.4.0, I think think they’ll be happy with the state of thing in 0.4.1.

What is next on the agenda?

We’re keeping the roadmap at:

What’s not outlined there right now is that we’ll be plugging the new data binding layer into the widget system and making changes to the template syntax to support that. This is exciting work and the culmination of a huge amount of background work by some very smart people.

Data binding will allow us to more quickly attach widgets to services and systems, and I’m excited that we’re in the home stretch for getting it done.

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I bet everyone in “da dojo” looks like chris farley.

Comment by Snootz — December 6, 2006

I do look like Chris Farley…. strange :)

The patch didn’t make it into 0.4.1, because I posted it this morning, but we also now have a FileStorageProvider. What this means is if your web app is local, and served from a file:// or chrome:// URL, it will now transparently use the file system for storage. It’s on the trunk if you need it.


Comment by Brad Neuberg — December 6, 2006

[…] Dojo 0.4.1 is finally upon us, fixing many of the bugs seen in 0.4, and introducing a number of performance improvements, most notably in the internationalization code. See or for more info […]

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I like the ideas behind this framework, but what is still keeping me from using it is, that it doesn’t support Opera 9 although this browser is one of the best you can find out there. The question is: Which framework does support which browser? And not: Which browser does support which framework?
Anyway the API is working properly in Opera 9.

Comment by Andi — December 7, 2006

actualy opera is supportet, the demos on main page are buggy thought, check out nightly and the tests dir, 90% of things works ok

Comment by marcin lulek — December 9, 2006

After downloading and unzipping Dojo 0.4.0 I ran a virus scan on the unzipped files and discovered and embeded JS.Feed virus in the following folders ->dojo 0.4.0-ajax/tests/undo/test_browser.html an in 0.4.0-ajax/tests/event/test_multidisconect.html

Comment by cornel — December 15, 2006

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