Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Dojo 1.4 is out with Significant Improvements to Performance, Stability, and Features.

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The Dojo team announced today the release of Dojo 1.4, the culmination of 9 months of hard work by the crew.

While this release is primarily a stability and performance release, we managed to sneak quite a bit of great new functionality into the various projects. All the significant changes have been outlined in the 1.4 release notes (including migration issues), and are far too numerous to list here: ranging from simple convenience changes, like dojo.Animation callbacks now being passed the node being animated, to completely new APIs like dojo.cache providing build interning outside of of dijit._Templated. Some changes are simply exposing long standing “private” API’s: dojo._Animation is public as dojo.Animation now and dojo._contentHandlers has become dojo.contentHandlers exposing Ajax transport configuration for advanced users and giving an official commitment to the preservation of those APIs.

Dojo team member Dylan Schiemann said that:

Dojo 1.4 has substantial improvements yet again in performance, developer productivity, experience, and features. The community has come together to make this release well worth the upgrade

Key updates mentioned are:

  • IO Pipeline topics
  • dojo.cache
  • dojo.contentHandlers
  • dojo.hash with native HTML5 onhashchange event support where available
  • Traversal and manipulation for NodeLists (the return value for dojo.query)
  • dojo.ready (easier to type than dojo.addOnLoad)
  • Hundreds of refinements to the Dijit API and collection of Dijits, and a few new widgets in DojoX
  • DataChart widget and other improvements to charting
  • dojox.drawing lands!
  • Editor improvements and new plug-ins in both Dijit and DojoX
  • Grid is faster, and the EnhancedGrid lands!
  • ForestStoreModel for the TreeGrid
  • GFX improvements
  • dojox.jq, a very experimental module aimed at trying to match the jQuery API as close as possible, but using Dojo underneath
  • Dojo build system optionally supports the Google Closure Tools compiler
  • Significant speed improvements, especially in IE

The release notes go into great detail about the update so check it out for the full scoop.

With 1.4 out the door, the Dojo team is already looking at v1.5 which is slated for release on Q2 2010.

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They dropped FF2, saf3, opera < 10! Very correct decision, I can not agree more :)

Comment by steida — December 10, 2009

“dojo.ready (easier to type than dojo.addOnLoad)”

Err, thanks for that, I guess. Is that really a *KEY* update?!?

Comment by fzammetti — December 10, 2009

Perf is much better on IE, see TaskSpeed:

Comment by Les — December 10, 2009

I’m seeing 25-30% speed improvements in IE8, and 20% speed improvements in IE6, from Dojo 1.3.2 to 1.4. Pretty amazing really, as 1.3.2 was already way ahead of the pack (with the exception of qooxdoo, congrats guys). And this is without looking at the Dijit widgets, which have gotten a massive performance boost from having the dojo.declare code completely rewritten.

Comment by sos — December 11, 2009

Very Fast…… I like it

Comment by Tribulus — January 15, 2010

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