Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Dojo 1.2 Final Release

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Pete Higgins released Dojo 1.2 the first version under his command. There are a ton of subtle improvements such as:

New Datastores

  • dojox.data.JsonRestStore
  • dojox.data.CouchDBRestStore
  • dojox.data.GoogleFeedStore: A Google AJAX API powered data store for retrieving RSS and Atom feeds from Google.
  • dojox.data.GoogleSearchStore: Data stores to interface Google’s AJAX search services.
  • dojox.data.PersevereStore: dojox.data.PersevereStore is an extension of JsonRestStore to Persevere’s special features.
  • dojox.data.S3Store: an extension of JsonRestStore to handle Amazon’s S3 service using JSON data

New Projects in DojoX


  • A Google-analytics helper, which supports lazy-loading the Google Analytics API at any point during a page lifecycle.
  • Allows you to post-onload include Google Analytics helper, and track Ajax-y pages via a simple API, with a very small overhead.


  • New project for Audio/Video elements
  • dojox.av.FLVideo: a player for Flash video files
  • dojox.av.widget.Player: Dijit-based object for playing Flash media


  • A set of utilities that allow you to load/include Objects such as Flash and Quicktime.
  • dojox.embed.Flash for Flash movies
    • Create proxy information for Flash movies implementing ExternalInterface through dojox.embed.Flash.proxy
  • dojox.embed.Quicktime for Quicktime movies
  • dojox.embed.Object—a Dijit that can be used via markup for any dojox.embed objects available.


  • Provides secure cross-domain request capability. Sends a request using
    an iframe (POST or GET) and reads the response through the frame’s window.name.


  • This is a registry for creating alternate XHR handlers, for example
    you can register to use IE8’s XDomainRequest or a proxy server to handle
    cross-domain requests.


  • dojox.lang.aspect is a new AOP library module for before/around/etc advice and other AOP features.
  • See the blog post for details.


  • Provides a form of getter/setter support to objects.
    Observable objects can be created such that all property
    reads, writes, and method calls will trigger listener functions
    so that you can create APIs where property interaction can be
    controlled and monitored.
  • This relies on VBScript hacks for IE and is somewhat
    limited in functionality.


  • This provides object-capability JavaScript validation.
  • This is a validator to run before eval to ensure that a script can’t access or
    modify any objects (like global objects) outside of those specifically
    provided to it.


  • Provides a DOM facade that restricts access to a specified subtree
    of the DOM.
  • The DOM facade uses getters/setters and lettables to emulate the DOM API.


  • Provides support for loading web pages, JSON, and scripts
    from other domains using XHR (and XHR plugins) with a safe
    subset library and sandboxed access to the DOM.

We updated the Google CDN to point to the new version too, and AOL has done the same.

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I appreciate the new version Dojo 1.2. Many things improved and new helpful Datastores added like dojox.form.Rating which I find so easy to use.


Comment by mauvecargo — October 27, 2008

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