Monday, March 9th, 2009

Dojo 1.3 is coming

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Alex Russell has posted on Dojo 1.3b3 which we have actually been using on Bespin.

So why should you be switching to Dojo or upgrading to 1.3? You can dig through the nearly 500 fixed bugs or the tentative release notes yourself, but broadly speaking, we’ve hit all of our major stated targets for 1.3: IE 8 compatibility, major performance improvements throughout the whole system, and enhancements that make the APIs you already know that much more powerful and useful. I don’t want to get into specifics since Pete’s release announcement will include much more detail, but I’ll outline some of the changes to just the CSS query engine since that’s the system I worked on most for this release (continued after the jump).

Alex goes on to talk about the nitty gritty on some of these features. For example, he talks about the guts of “Acme”, the latest CSS engine (that you can use stand alone and how it has changed due to the reality of querySelectorAll and the enhanced AST generator.

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The selector engine wars continue.

Comment by Nosredna — March 9, 2009


Eh, only if you think of it as a war. I didn’t post numbers on purpose. You can (and obviously will) take that to mean whatever you want, but the spirit in which it was offered was purely collegial.


Comment by slightlyoff — March 9, 2009

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