Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Dojo done quick

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Andy Smith has posted an article (if thats 404, try this) about getting up to speed with Dojo quickly. He takes a simple javascript example and walks through the steps of converting it to a Dojo widget. Dojo’s packaging system, event system, and widgets are covered. Note that he is using the latest Subversion checkout for the example, so no guarantees on how long all the details will be accurate with the speed at which Dojo is moving.

Also check his blog entry:

You’ve got a project that uses JavaScript in a mean sorta way, you’re boss told you that you need to be using “that AJAX stuff� and your mother’s cat just died; you better learn how to use Dojo (the superslick JavaScript library) and FAST.

Posted by Rob Sanheim at 9:48 am

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Well, this sounded really cool, but it’s already 404. Hrm.

Comment by Jeremy Dunck — January 4, 2006

Jeremy: I updated the post, adding a second link that still works. Thanks for letting us know.

Comment by Rob — January 4, 2006

Sounds like a good article, but all links to it are 404 or timing out – including the repository. Do you have any links that work? thanks.

Comment by Martin — January 19, 2006

Martin: I’m guessing his repository is down, sorry. I’ll send Andy an email about it.

Comment by Rob — January 19, 2006

Now that it is years later Dojo is still around but I would prefer a much lighter utility library like jQuery or Mootools than a fancy GUI library.

Comment by proxy — June 28, 2007

yep this is a good article, but i think a fancy gui could do the job too.. or just stick with Jquery . i like that one.. but sometimes the fancy stuff adds options :D

Comment by kirra — October 29, 2007

yes i still see only 404 page.. and also i prefer jquery its much lighter and more faster

Comment by mountlaurel — January 10, 2008

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