Friday, August 19th, 2005

Dojo Event System Explained

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Ok, we admit it. This ajaxian community loves Dojo. True JavaScript professionals.

So, it is nice to see the recent set of information coming out from them.

This time, they discuss the Dojo event system (dojo.event.*)

Unlike the DOM events that web programmers normally associate with the word “event”, Dojo takes a broad view of events. The tools in dojo.event.* allow developers to treat any function call (DOM event or otherwise) as an event that can be listened to. Using Dojo, code can register to “hear” about any action through a uniform API.

In this article we’ll show you:

  • how to use these tools
  • what makes them completely different from other JavaScript event systems you may have used
  • why you’ll never start writing JavaScript without dojo.event.connect() again.


  • Intro
  • Examples
  • Disconnection and Multi-Connection
  • Connecting Once and Using Keywords
  • Delaying Execution
  • Advanced Usage: Seeking Advice
  • Using Topics For Truly Anonymous Communication
  • How It Works
  • A Note on Lineage

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