Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Dojo Extensions for AIR

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SitePen has built an interesting set of APIs to enable you to create better JavaScript applications that run in the AIR platform:

This new effort creates a new namespace, dair, making it even easier to
create rich desktop apps using the Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR like the
Dojo Toolbox.

The extensions offer convenience methods for your application, wrapping
many common AIR Patterns in Dojo-like constructors and providing an
entire framework from which to grow. Built-in persistent storage,
granular window control from creation to destruction, Window FX,
Audio/Video helpers, and extra console debugging facilities are just the

This work was greatly inspired by our efforts working on the Dojo
Toolbox, and greatly improves and simplifies Ajax development on the AIR
platform for not only Dojo users, but anyone creating an Ajax
application inside AIR. And thanks again to Adobe for helping make this

The new namespace gives you:

  • dair.AIR
  • dair.Console
  • dair.Window
  • dair.Application
  • dair.fx
  • dair.Sound
  • dair.Video
  • dair.Icon
  • dair.File

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This looks great. I do a fair number of my in-house tools in AIR and I’ll try this out next time I dive into one.

Comment by Nosredna — November 12, 2008

Note: the video link is dead (‘no video’ dispolayed when clicked)
cheers & good luck //GHudd

Comment by greghudd — November 12, 2008

There’s been a library out for a while called GWT-in-the-Air that makes it easy to essentially recompile a GWT app for AIR, or access native APIs.

Comment by cromwellian — November 12, 2008

Love Dojo, love AIR, love Dojo on AIR…
More air in the dojo is good, more Dojo in AIR is great!

Comment by cosmincimpoi — November 13, 2008

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