Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Dojo File Upload Progress Bar Widget

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Jeremy Quinn has created a File Upload Progress Bar Widget in Apache Cocoon using the Dojo framework (which Cocoon has been using in general for about a year now).

It is simple to use:

  1. <!-- simple -->
  2. <div class="dojo-FormUploadProgress">Upload Progress :</div>
  4. <!-- full i18n and css -->
  5. <div class="dojo-FormUploadProgress"
  6.         background="#333"
  7.         color="#ccc"
  8.         ready="upload:progress.ready"
  9.         connecting="upload:progress.connecting"
  10.         i18n:attr="ready connecting">
  11.       <i18n :text catalogue="upload">progress.title</i18n>
  12. </div>

Dojo Upload Progress

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:34 am

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There is a better way to do this, even better with MM Flash 8.
It,s better becouse you can add custom filetypes that will be browsed (All images,All text files etc)

Comment by Vladislav Stoitsov — November 21, 2006

I would have to disagree with Vladislav… a better way would be to not require that users have the newest third party plugin in order to upload a file (not every one has flash 8, or even flash for that matter). Sure it has some cool features, but I can not justify turning potential users away because they can’t upload their photos.

This, however, looks like a very nice simplistic approach (simplistic in implementation into an existing site). I will definitely give this some consideration.

Comment by Ryan Lowe — November 21, 2006

Vlad may be referring to this. It’s awesome:

Comment by Patrick — November 21, 2006

To avoid flash you might as well avoid the web. They do go hand in hand. I dont buy the argument that its a burden. These same people say “What if JavaScript is turned off?”, well if its turned off or they dont have flash then they get a message telling them to do so.

Comment by Mario — November 21, 2006

great, so instead of requiring people to run flash (which, as much as I hate it, has a pretty solid market penetration percentage), this technique requires the server to run a platform that’s not nearly popular enough to be found on your basic hosting company… meaning the initial cost of setting up a website will be much bigger

Comment by AliXSenoS — November 21, 2006

Not every flash version is available for every platform.

Comment by Andy — November 21, 2006

Personnally, I love that one:
but if having Flash on the client rebukes you, why not having a JS solution that choses the best available option for the current client???

Comment by Sad developer — November 21, 2006

I think that almost 80-90% from the users have installed the flash plugin. Yes it’s almost perfect solution. Everyone can make some js to check and if not to insert the ajax version.

Comment by Vladislav Stoitsov — November 21, 2006

I’m curious… do any of these have the capability of drag and drop? I’d like to create an upload where I could simply drag my file to the window and it initiates the upload on the specified file. Is it possible with JavaScript or Flash?


Comment by Doug karr — November 21, 2006

Keep in mind, when you are developing applications for enterprise clients, that you are often constrained by what they have installed on their desktops. Not all large companies allow flash to be installed or run. Heck, we are lucky if they use a recent browser (luckily they do).

Comment by TheCatWhisperer — November 22, 2006

Personally, I think both have their advantages but javascript seems to be the most lightweight and flexible solution. I.e. I don’t want to recompile a new flash UI every time I want a new file upload interface.

Not to mention, soon enough flash will be fully accesible through javascript?

Comment by Jonathan Bond-Caron — November 22, 2006

[…] 當我們在利用 AJAX 來傳送表單(Form)資料的時候,因為安全性的問題,script 是沒辦法拿到 <input type=”file” …> 欄位中所選檔案的內容,剛看到一篇文章介紹如何用 Dojo toolkit 加上 Apache Cocoon 來做出上傳檔案時有 progress bar 的效果,感覺十分簡單易用,蠻有趣的! […]

Pingback by Dojo File Upload Progress Bar at 偽京阪之旅一十二週 — November 24, 2006

I think using javascript is the best solution far a progrss bar.

Comment by ancutaandrei — February 17, 2007

Dojo can be used wid DWR to create a progress bar,

Comment by ss — September 8, 2007

With Javascrispt you can’t create this bar.

Comment by Andrew — October 11, 2007

Hi guys,

I developed a full javascript uploader
– Progress bar
– customizable ( dojo templating mechanism )
– Free licence ( the same as dojo )
– Internationalizable
– Cross browser compliant

You can see a demo on the website : http://developers.sirika.com/mfu/index.html

Comment by Zebulons — May 12, 2010

I am using uploadify and it uses a mixture of flash and Java – http://www.canvasdezign.co.uk ,

We use it for uploading Canvas Prints

Comment by themoll — July 2, 2010

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