Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Dojo gets AIM API Support from AOL

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James Burke of AOL announced that AOL has released Dojo modules which wrap AOL’s Web AIM API. This is a very big announcement as the Web AIM API lets developers incorporate core AIM functionality into any web page including the ability to sign on, send and receive IMs, and obtain a user’s Buddy List.

My employer, AOL, just open-sourced some Dojo modules that include a wrapper for the Web AIM API and UI widgets for user presence, the buddy list and sending and receiving instant messages (IMs).

The modules are open source versions of the modules used by AOL Webmail, so they have history in a real product. The modules are designed for Dojo 1.1 and above.

This has been released as part of the AIMDojo project with version 1.0 immediately available for download. James has included demos of Dojo and WEB AIM integration.

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