Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Dojo gets new widgets: Tree and FishEye

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First, we hear about Tacos building Dojo-based widgets, and now we hear more.

Widgets are getting donated left right and center to the Dojo project.

Fish Eye Widget

Cal Henderson of Yahoo/Flickr gave up a fish eye list widget

dojo fisheye

Tree Widget

The open source Java web framework WebWork just donated a nice tree widget.


There will be more widgets coming from the WebWork team.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:49 am

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The text link to the Tree Widget might be calling for your attention?

Comment by djn — October 20, 2005

Thanks djn,

Should be happy now :)



Comment by Dion Almaer — October 20, 2005

This is old news…it’s been around for almost 2 weeks now…GET WITH THE TIMES!!!

Comment by Bill Orken — October 20, 2005

The “fish eye list widget” froze my firefox a minute or so. That’s pretty bad. I haven’t checked out Dojo. But this example just puts me off.

Comment by willi — October 20, 2005


What OS?

It’s also worth noting that the linked-to demo isn’t from a build, so it’ll be a lot slower than a deployment version.


Comment by Alex Russell — October 20, 2005

It should also be noted that some of the FF beta builds have been having issues on linux lately. I can’t imageine they won’t be fixed by the time ff is out of beta..

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — October 20, 2005

Hi Alex Russell,
I’m using firefox 1.0.7 on windows xp sp2.
Just tested on the newly release Flock which is built on firefox, it also freezes. Maybe it’s just my computer, I don’t know..

Comment by willi — October 21, 2005

I would like to have that fisheye widget without dojo. does anyone know about some standalone version of this?

Comment by Mentor — October 21, 2005

Are there instructions anywhere for actually using this widget. Does version Dojo 0.1 have all the needed files. If not what else do I need to download.


Comment by Marc — October 23, 2005

I got it working using the lastest nightly build. Now I have to try to integrate into my site. Here is the priliminary page:

Comment by Marc — October 25, 2005

But where can I find the Tree-widget? I couldn´t find it neither in the webwork-dojo-sources nor in the dojo-cvs.

Comment by Philipp — November 29, 2005

Tree widget link is broken

Comment by Alex — December 6, 2005

go to and look for it from there, other good widgets as well

Comment by Craig Grant — July 25, 2007

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