Monday, October 15th, 2007

Dojo Image Widgets v1.0

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Over the weekend Shane O’Sullivan released version 1.0 of Dojo Image Widgets, a set of Dojo widgets that allows easy creation of image galleries from Flickr.

One of the coolest features of all of these widgets is that they all feed off image data provided by the API. What this basically means is that each widget can display images from any source, with no modification whatsoever. You simply pass it a Dojo data store, and is shows the pictures. Some of the data stores currently in the Dojo toolkit include:

  • – pull in simple JSON data in an array. You could use this if you simply have a directory of images on your own web server you would like to display
  • (demo) – query the Flickr photo sharing website for images. This is all done on the browser, with no need for any server-side redirects. This is another of my additions to the Dojo toolkit – I love Flickr, feel free to check out my photo stream here.
  • (demo) – query Google’s Picasa image sharing website for images. As with the Flickr data store, this is done on the browser, with no need for server side support.

and many more….. You can also write your own data store if you so desire, but the ones included in the toolkit should cover almost everything you might need.

Some of the features included are:

  • Pages of thumbnails.
  • Intelligent pre-loading of images so the images you are looking at are loaded first.
  • Fade effects for transitioning of images
  • Populated using JSON data – any JSON data, not just Flickr.
  • Flickr integration – remotely load your Flickr images.
  • Paging through a Flickr collection.
  • Slideshow

You can read the full release notes and see demos at Sean’s site.

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Cool, but the really big Dojo news is that MapQuest Beta switched from Prototype to Dojo (a few days ago).
Also, according to Dojo trac, Dojo 1.0 will be released on Oct. 31. I’m looking forward to the improved doc :)

Comment by Les — October 15, 2007

What demos? All I see is a series of static pics telling me how cool it is…

Comment by Jon Hartmann — October 15, 2007

The test pages are listed at the bottom of the blog post, click on any of them to see the widgets working.

Comment by Shane O'Sullivan — October 15, 2007

The image gallery has some NSFW pics. Just a warning.

Comment by Matt — October 15, 2007

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