Friday, April 4th, 2008

Dojo-Mini and the Feature Explorer

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Above is the breakdown from the Dojo distribution. Peter Higgins was working on an AIR application using the new Dojo AIR integration and wanted to do a better job at stripping down the Dojo build for what he needed.

He ended up with a set of scripts to create a custom build nicely which includes:

  • Nuking all of the cruft you don’t want
  • Minifying the script
  • CSS inline optimization

So, you can run something like:

% ./ profile=standard optimize=shrinksafe.keepLines version=1.1.0mini cssOptimize=comments.keepLines cssImportIgnore=../dijit.css action=release

Also, the fine Dojo Campus folks have created a Dojo feature explorer that acts as a showcase for Dojo itself:

Dojo Feature Explorer

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Thanks for the post: In case you miss some of the features of the Feature Explorer (some are pretty subtle, like addressability), they’re listed here –

Comment by sos — April 4, 2008

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