Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Dojo Offline Toolkit Beta Released

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Brad Neuberg and the SitePen team has been working tirelessly to get this beta out of the door. Now we have the Dojo Offline Toolkit in beta, released to the world:

Dojo Offline is a free, open source toolkit that makes it easy for web applications to work offline. It consists of two pieces: a JavaScript library bundled with your web page and a small (~300K) cross-platform, cross-browser download that helps to cache your web application’s user-interface for use offline.

You can try out the Moxie demo, view source on the Hello World example, or go ahead and download the SDK.

Building offline apps isn’t simple. It isn’t a case of magically waving a “make my app work offline” wand. Developers need to re-think their architecture most of the time, and think about what it means to be offline. What can work. What can’t. How do I sync when I go back online. All tough questions for many applications. DOT gives us a nice playground to try out some of these ideas.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:11 am

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There doesn’t seem to be a Linux version. Am I missing something?


Comment by James Ward — April 23, 2007

I am not a fan of dojo in the least. But this is pretty cool.

Comment by j — April 23, 2007

James: the architecture can support Linux, but for the first release we decided to do Mac OS X/Intel and Firefox to make it a manageable release.

About the larger issues Dion raises with creating offline apps, such as syncing, I’ve put up a video lecture that explains how to create offline apps and address the issues that arise:

Brad Neuberg

Comment by Brad Neuberg — April 23, 2007

300K is small? :)

Comment by Alex — April 23, 2007

Alex: 300K for the client runtime, compared to many megabytes for Adobe Apollo, Java, etc. That’s small :)

Comment by Brad Neuberg — April 23, 2007

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