Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Dojo powering some big players

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The Dojo team released v0.9 last week which included some big enhancements to the Dijit component library, the core of Dojo and DojoX. While its always good to hear about new features coming out, it’s equally important to know who is benefiting from the enhancements.

Alex Russell, lead developer of the Dojo project, did just that in a recent blog post:

In particular, Plaxo Pulse, AOL’s TinyBuddy (app here) and the new Bloglines beta are all 0.9 based and the experience really shows it. They’re all “data stream” apps, things you fire up and then leave open or spend lots of time in, and they’re amazingly useable, responsive, and useful.

These are impressive names and really shows the power that the Dojo framework provides. Great job Alex and the Dojo team!

Posted by Rey Bango at 8:00 am

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Dojo is really a great product, if only the documentation for 0.9 is more complete, it would be even better as well as a great help for new users out there trying to get up with dojo fast.

Comment by tmjee — September 3, 2007

i agree ray, all is getting just cooler

Comment by exo — September 3, 2007

im using jquery, and im trying to learn something new, DOJO sounds great, i know it is a powerful framework, but i don’t know how to start..

can anyone post some easy tutorial or something?

Comment by zero0x — September 4, 2007

as a beginning js developer i found only jquery had enough documentation to get started. i find it very cool to work with … too bad the dojo is lacking in this area

Comment by stef — September 4, 2007

I have been forced to use dojo, and I hate it. It’s personal opinion, of course, but everything about it rubs me the wrong way. This was pre-0.9, so maybe things have changed for the better, but I prefer jquery or Moo. And the documentation is nasty.

Comment by Dan — September 4, 2007

It is great to see some big user names lining up behind Dojo. Having Plaxo and AOL use it to build Web 2.0 apps is even more important than having IBM, Sun and ActiveGrid sponsoring the open source project.

Comment by c keene — September 7, 2007

I use Dojo because it is the only library which offered what I needed. Namely, namespace management, a widget framework, many widgets and a decent utility functions. Despite my tremendous satisfaction with it, I must agree with Stef. I purchased a sack of manure from a gardening wholesaler and when I got home and opened the bag it was full of Dojo documentation.

Comment by Jordan — October 30, 2007

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