Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Dojo rating widget with dojo.gfx

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Tobias von Klipstein has created a Dojo rating component that uses dojo.gfx:

This example should demonstrate a case, where geometric forms can be combined with other widgets and how simple it is to achieve a widget using vector graphics. dojox.gfx was a great help, because it prints the appropriate vector format for you (svg/vml/canvas) and the widget now works with ie, firefox and safari. I didn’t test other browsers, but it should also work, when it supports one of the above mentioned vector formats. The next will be to extend the approach of creating more geometric forms. Maybe there are some people out there, that have the ambition helping out.


You can see a series of tests of this in action to go along with Tobias’ work.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:44 am

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Pity it’s completely unusable with JS turned off.

Comment by Robin — February 20, 2008

Actually, Dojo are generally quite hot on accessibility aren’t they? Does this expose functionality to any accessibility APIs?

Comment by Robin — February 20, 2008

the rating widget linked at the bottom of the article is _not_ using the gfx, that is the standard dojo rating widget, which the gfx version is an extension of

Comment by Wolfram Kriesing — February 20, 2008

@Robin: Dijits are all accessible; DojoX doesn’t have that same requirement, but it’s still a goal.

Comment by peller — February 22, 2008

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