Monday, March 17th, 2008

Dojo Storage updated for 1.0

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Brad Neuberg, a partner of crime on the Gears team, has released an update to Dojo Storage that has it cooking with gas on the new Dojo 1.x codebase:

Dojo Storage makes it possible to store large amounts of data (hundreds or megabytes of K) on the client-side, way beyond the 4K limit of cookies. Developers are given a simple key/value storage abstraction, similar to a hash table. What makes Dojo Storage unique is that it automatically determines the best way to achieve this. If Google Gears, a small open-source plug-in that teaches current browsers new tricks, is present then this will be used for storage; if the browser supports HTML 5 DOM Storage, such as Firefox 2, then this is used; and finally, if none of the others are available, then a hidden Flash applet is used to store the data permanently. There are even Adobe AIR storage providers (thanks to SitePen and Adobe) if you are running in an AIR environment!

Dojo Storage has been around for a few years. However, when Dojo made the big move to the Dojo 1.0 architecture, the Flash and HTML 5 storage providers broke; plus, new versions of Flash and new browsers made the old design inefficient. I have seriously re-factored the Flash storage system to be much faster and simpler and fixed bugs in the HTML 5 and Gears storage systems. There is now a new storage.js profile build that you can grab and include in your page to easily use Dojo Storage with the three main browser storage providers: Gears, HTML 5, and Flash. The new Dojo Storage will come out as part of the Dojo 1.1 release coming soon.

I’ve created a screen cast demoing the different storage providers in action:

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I know the editorial standards of this website are usually very low, but what the hell does “megabytes of K” mean? Do you guys even read this things before you post them?

Comment by mchaput — March 17, 2008

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