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Dojo: The cigarette after the ….

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The baby is here so now you can relax. Alex has taken this time to chat about the new release where he discusses some of the other posts that show off features of the release:

Following up shortly on the heels of the release, Dylan screen shots of Dojo charting running on the iPhone. It’s a testament to the architecture that Eugene and Kun put together for dojox.gfx that Chris Mitchell’s awesome canvas renderer was able to slot right in to make this possible. For anyone counting, that now makes 4 independent renderers for the awesome shape-oriented GFX API: SVG, canvas, VML, and Silverlight. Portable, non-proprietary 2D graphics in a browser are really here.

Just hours after that, James Burke announced that 1.0 is available on AOL’s CDN, meaning that you don’t even have to download 1.0 to try it out. Just point to the right URL to include Dojo and you’re up-and-running. Sweet.

Bryan Forbes jumped in with a beautiful Grid example today, and he tells me that it’s going to be a recurring feature over on the SitePen blog which you’ll also be able to catch over on Planet Dojo.

Bryan’s post is really interesting indeed. The grid component is great, and looks very intuitive.

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Prototype 1.6 is out at SVN.

Comment by Cloudream — November 7, 2007

uhm, I don’t understand the excitement – the grid from other libraries is much more feature complete – filtering? in place editing? paging or infinite scrolling via server txn? maybe facets?

…another sortable table (skinned all mac os like) is surely what we were all waiting on from the dojo project – several months ago they were the only game in town, but competition is what is – charting is necessary too but really we need something more similar to Simile or similar approaches that can use the server to access much larger volumes of data- plotting a few variables is so 1980’s


Comment by joe — November 7, 2007

so I don’t sound too cynical, the accessibilty of dojo is nice – but I just don’t have need for it, nor do many others I know

I understand they have a new platform, and ‘great apps are sure too follow’ – but I’ll believe it when I see it – a nice demo equivalent to that provided by other libraries would be a good start

i’m not saying there is an ideal library either, they all seem to have trade offs at the moment

Comment by joe — November 7, 2007

i think what they are trying to present is not how you can achieve a simple grid. It’s the ability to easily implement a grid data display on iphone without going through some complicated programming practices.

model.fields.get(column_number).compare = new_sort_function;

as mentioned in one of the comments on that article, it should be really easy and straight forward to sort the grid (not too sure it works or not yet, but the direction is good).
Anyone is welcome to write their own grid and sorting functions if they feel like (really good practices). But for application development, most of the times by not re-inventing the wheels can speed up the whole dev cycle. Dojo is just one of those frameworks that we can all rely on (same as the other active ones).
@Clouddream: yes, prototype is out on SVN. it doesn’t really matter which framework or library it is, the goal of all of them is to ease the development, not just to show off what they can do.

Comment by Simon Jia — November 7, 2007

First; I love dojo and I am currently working on a project that calls for a very high-performance web grid but after spending the day pulling my hair out….I don’t think dojo is the way for me to go.

While I’ve seen major performance advantages from dojo vs YUI I am going to stick with YUI.

Comment by Eric — November 7, 2007


I think you totally missed the point. The Dojo gird supports both server and client side sorting, in-place editing (with custom editors or the library of pre-built editors), facets, plus virtual scrolling. Locked columns and headers plus complex row and cell formatting are there “out of the box”.

Bryan’s article series will probably cover all of these in turn. Until the, check out the test pages. This isn’t another client-side sorting system.


Comment by Alex Russell — November 7, 2007

@joe – “uhm, I don’t understand the excitement – the grid from other libraries is much more feature complete – filtering? in place editing? paging or infinite scrolling via server txn? maybe facets?”

Ummm, I hate to embaress you in front of all of your friends, but Dojo grid has all of those things. Further more to my knowledge it’s the best one at all of those things. In fact no other grid I’ve worked with does the same.

Can you please tell me ONE single grid from another library that matches up to the new Dojo grid feature wise? NONE of them do It’s by far leading the pack. Which basically voids your comment.

Comment by Gavin — November 8, 2007

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