Monday, January 14th, 2008

dojo.moj.oe: parody of homepage in Dojo

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Peter Higgins had a little fun, and created a parody of the home page: dojo.moj.oe.

The site shows off the new easing code that Robert Penner contributed to Dojo:

A small change in the Animation system to accommodate
the inclusion of the entire set of
Robert Penner‘s Flash easing functions to The Dojo Toolkit. They were contributed
under CLA to the Dojo Foundation, and ported to JavaScript (dojox.fx.easing) by Bryan Forbes,
a Dojo committer, and maff mastermind.

He had released them BSD some time ago, officially. This CLA only insures a clear
traceable licensing path: written permission from the author. Its a huge win for JavaScript, and
the toolkits using or wanting to use those functions (Dojo now included). A big personal
Thank You is in order, from all the OpenWeb.

The dojo._Animation change is transparent, though these functions will not work
with the Dojo 1.0.x branch, basically because numbers were being clipped beyond “100%” of
the Line (like in the elastic easing functions, the “snap back” after overshooting the

The moj.oe demo started out as a simple preview of this _Animation change, and the
fun easing functions. The gravity button uses the bounce transition to drop the circles
to the ground (and bounce), the snap-back when you drag the circles (or logo) uses
the elastic easing function, and the “Live Download” dialog uses the backIn easing method when
you click “hide”, for that “little boost immediately before leaving” …


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I clicked on “demos” and quickly lost the scriptaculous wow. Nevertheless the front page is quite snazzy.

Comment by Jordan — January 14, 2008

For a whole bunch of Dojo demos, see

and the blog post about it at

It’s a work in progress Dojo Demo engine, and will be all sexed up and finished pretty soon.

Things ARE getting better you know :-)

Comment by Shane — January 14, 2008

loool :D

Comment by gizax — January 14, 2008


The new isn’t that they’re Open Source, it’s that they’re under CLA now. It means that in addition to the copyright rights (which BSD always gave you), there’s now explicit grant of patent interests to all users of his (excellent) functions.

For certain companies (who clearly have more lawyers than either of us), it’s really good news.


Comment by slightlyoff — January 14, 2008

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