Monday, February 12th, 2007

DOM Storage and Microformats

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John Resig has been writing about the bleeding edge features that will hopefully hit us around the Firefox 3 timeframe: DOM Storage and Microformat integration.

DOM Storage

John wanted to delve into DOM Storage and answered some of the questions posed such as:

  • What’s to stop a script from filling an entire storage area with random data?
  • Storing data to globalStorage[’localdomain’] (intranet global storage baybee)
  • What’s with the name “DOM Storage”? (It is bad isn’t it)
  • The storage event
  • Server-side Data


Michael has already started developing the solid Microformat Parser, with Andy Mitchell, that will go into Firefox 3. And since this is part of the overall Firefox 3 Content Handling Requirements, it’s a big priority for inclusion.

So, what could this content-handling API mean for you, the Firefox extension developer? It means that you would be able to write quick-and-dirty JavaScript to handle matched Microformats – and it’d be blazingly fast.

For example, here’s some pseudo-code (any final result will, most likely, be very very different):


  1. Microformats.addHandler("hcard", function(card){
  2.    var img = document.createElement("img");
  3.    img.src = "hcard.gif";
  4.    img.title = + "'s Personal Information";
  5.    card.container.appendChild( img );
  6. });

It is fun to hear about the new features. Thanks to John for getting the word out.

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DOMStorage[”] — The web copy/paste you’ve been waiting for.

Comment by Karl G — February 12, 2007

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