Thursday, January 31st, 2008

DomAPI 4.5: New, improved, and more free

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DomAPI has been around for ever but the package has been updated:

DomAPI version 4.5 has a new lower price and a simplified licensing plan.

In a nutshell, there are now 2 license types, ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’. Both types can be used on commercial sites, in any capacity, with no restrictions. The benefits of the pro version include:

  • Access to unobfuscated source code
  • Access to hourly beta builds
  • Permission to alter the source code
  • Permission to remove branding and ‘splash’ items
  • Permission to bundle the library with applications

If you purchased a DomAPI 4.0 license, you automatically are upgraded to 4.5. If you have a 3.x license, or purchased a 3.x to 4.x upgrade, you will need to obtain a new 4.5 license. DomAPI 4.5 Professional licences are currently priced at only $49 USD.

The latest public release of DomAPI contains all the fixes an additions that have been made to DomAPI v4.0 since its original build nearly 2 years ago. These features were previously only available within the hourly beta builds, but now everyone can benefit from them.

Upgrading from 4.0 to 4.5 should be completely painless — it is meant to be backwards compatible with your existing code.

Some of the major improvements include:

  • Complete support for IE7
  • Complete support for Firefox 2
  • Better memory leak protection in IE6/7
  • Plenty of little fixes and performance enhancements

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Does this tool have any advantage over ExtJS or other framework?

Comment by Rizqi Ahmad — January 31, 2008

The only main advantage of DOMAPI is more mature and has better support for some older browser. But it must be some mess in the code.

People at DOMAPI are realizing that they are losing customers … now they’re try to get some clients back by lowing price etc. It’s a bit late ….

Comment by dxd — February 1, 2008

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