Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

DomAPI: JavaScript Toolkit

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DomAPI is an application-centric development environment targeted at version 5.0 or better browsers running on Windows, MacOS and Linux, written by the authors of JSCruncherPro.

It has a lot of components, and also has an RPC Wrapper. The components need a designer to go through and pretty them up though.


DomAPI comes with a rich set of components:



domapi livegrid

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Domapi has some serious performance problems.

Comment by a-dog — November 30, 2005

The DomAPI examples you reference are v3, and are 2 or more years old! The framework has been completely re-engineered and is in current v4 beta release.

If you want to see what v4 looks like, you have to dig around a bit, as v4 examples are only currently hosted on a development site. Heres a link for you:

The look is completely customisable via CSS, and performance is dramatically improved from v3.

Comment by Simon G — November 30, 2005

Domapi is also fully skineable. It’s also available free, and a license with fully editable source is only about $200. Worth it for the listgrid and ajax support alone!

Comment by furtive — December 1, 2005

Detail on the about license can be found here.

The developer/advance license already give you full source access/edit. The highest level is for remove the branding requirement and allow you to distribute with application.

Comment by Henry — December 1, 2005

I used v3 back in 2005. I was doing some work for a client and it’s was ok. Eventually from prototype to pilot, the customer bought the commercial license.

however my only compliant was that documentation was quite lacking especially the examples section, other than that, I will recommend anyone who wants a rich set of javascript components.

Comment by boon peng — November 7, 2006

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