Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

DOMAssistant 2.7 is Out, Strong Unicode Support and Enhanced Performance

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Now that DOMAssistant has a formal team behind it, the updates keep coming fast and furious. The team announced last night the release of DOMAssistant 2.7, with a host of new features and big improvements in CSS selector performance:

After a lot of hard work, we’re more pleased than ever to present the new version of DOMAssistant: faster, less code, better support and improved stability. And more features, of course.

While we have actually made the code file size smaller, at the same time we have added a number of useful features and improved CSS selector performance.

Along with several fixes, the team added a number of enhancements most notably strong support for Unicode and performance increases for Internet Explorer:

With this release, we wanted to target the world outside our English-speaking box, by adding Unicode support and a complete documentation in Chinese. When that was in place, improving CSS selector performance in Internet Explorer and adding well-needed and requested features was next on the bill.

Happily, we succeded as well as exceeded our goals!”

The newest features include:

  • Unicode support added, implying support for basically any source document language.
  • Method cssSelect added to the Core module, to allow CSS selections of an object reference’s children.
  • Method ajax added for making more customized AJAX calls, with more options.
  • Method setStyle added to the CSS module.
  • Method setErrorHandling added to the DOMLoad module.
  • Method first added to get the first of any matches.
  • Added support for attribute selectors E[att|=val], E[att~=val], and pseudo-class :lang.
  • Added support for multiple pseudo-classes, eg. tr:nth-child(odd):not([id]).
  • Added support for nested pseudo-classes within :not, eg. tr:not(:first-of-type).
  • Added full compliance for the an+b expression in :nth-child and :nth-of-type, including negative a.
  • Significant CSS selector performance improvement in Internet Explorer.
  • Updated documentation in Chinese.

DOMAssistant 2.7 is available for download via SVN or HTTP and is released via MIT license.

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Nice, well done.
Excellent results in the speed test !

Comment by DSole — April 9, 2008

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