Friday, July 11th, 2008

Domize: Visualize your domains

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Anson Parker has created Domize another in the line of Ajax domain utilities. Here is what Anson had to say about it:

It is the fastest as-you-type
domain name look-up tool for web and iPhone users. Queries are
encrypted over SSL for security and privacy. Domize is really head and
shoulders above its peers in allowing you to quickly scout out an
available name.

It also has some cool innovations. The entire site is delivered in one
request for non-IE visitors (“data:” urls for images) and additional
functionality is only brought in after the page load (e.g. Google
Analytics). I used a cool technique to modify the stylesheet at the
bottom of the page through JavaScript and keep the whole thing valid
strict xhtml.

Domize also offers preview thumbnails of unavailable domains, which is
a great help in seeing “neighbors” of the domain you’re interested in
as well as letting you quickly see whether a domain is owned by a
squatter or legitimate site.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:35 am

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That is remarkably fast feedback – impressive.

Love that it keeps all the history too – makes it just that bit more useful.

Comment by Unfocused — July 15, 2008

People who like this site should also check out: It offers the same functionality, along with a word combiner that lets you put in words, and it will try every possible combination and tell you which domains are available in real time. Its instant lookup seems about the same speed.

Comment by simpleblue — July 15, 2008

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