Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

DomJax: Ajax based domain registration

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Shortly after Ajax started getting hype we saw ajaxian domain searches. The latest to the pack is DomJax that allows you to search for available domains.

When it finds domains, it gives you easy access to various tools such as SEO tools, validation tools, and research tools. All in one simple page.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:06 am

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The UI feels clumsy – when I am typing in a domain, it feels like I am -forced- to wait. Very bad if a user makes a typo….

Comment by Karl Moz — October 11, 2006

I mostly disagree with Karl; the UI seems very responsive, and it lets me keep typing while it searches. It also seems smart enough to start searching when I pause — a very nice feature. I do agree that the “Please Wait” message is obnoxious — particularly when the asynchronous nature of the search obviates it.

I will also say that I hate the name; there’s no need to incorporate “Ajax” when Ajax is just the architectural approach, any more than a Web site for an insurance company needs to have “Web” in its name. Just MHO.

Comment by ARWolff — October 11, 2006

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This is good for all…., but I think that the engine can be so much more accessible

Comment by Luiz Júnior Fernandes — October 12, 2006

Found this one also by just typing in the keywords “ajax domain” in google search…

And your right, domjax’s engine could be so much more accessible.

Comment by c0ke — October 15, 2006

i’d have to agree with you

Comment by halit — October 25, 2006

You can use for finding domain names instantly as you type.

Comment by sehgalamit — June 8, 2010

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