Monday, April 17th, 2006

Dutch Pipe: Open-Source Avatar/Chat/Virtual-World PHP Framework

Category: Games, PHP, Toolkit

Looks like you could have a lot of fun with this new PHP framework. Dutch Pipe has similar features to the other virtual-world/avatar sites we’ve seen earlier (e.g. Hive7), but is actually an open-source framework rather than a single (stovepiped :-) destination site. Using the framework, any developer can integrate a virtual world into their own web page. Some people have questioned how useful these things are; if there was ever a chance to find out, it would be an open framework like this where people can incorporate it how they please.

Characters have inventories, can express emotions, look around, and talk to each other. There’s also support for automating characters and objects.

Demos on the site are limited, but this description suggests the developers have practical applications in mind.

* Make fora, chat rooms, card games or virtual RPG worlds with avatars. See your buddies wander around. See the site for a demo, no login required.
* Make easy-to-use product and shopping cart pages. Have automated and/or real person site assistants stand by to assist your customers and increase sales.
* Each page will become an abstracted environment or location where visitors and other items on the page are visualized.
* This status is retained as visitors move around.
* A whole lot of real-time interaction is possible.
* Developers program “world” objects in PHP – No Javascript coding required.
* Open source license (BSD).

Considering all the recent attention around Second Life, it seems like there’s at least potential in this area, and the possibility of some integration with richer virtual words. Things could get interesting if combined with custom scripting and the ability for characters to communicate with external sites.

But for now, sit back and enjoy the beer …

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 7:09 am

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횽들아 체�남방� 똑딱�면 ��한가요?

Comment by 김똑딱 — April 17, 2006

횽들아 체�남방� 똑딱�면 ��한가요

Comment by Jimmy — April 17, 2006

So this is where all those people are suddenly coming from. Can’t they hang, like, on their own sites and drink their own beer?? But seriously, thanks Michael ;) Looking forward to your book, its site is already a wealth of information.

Comment by Lennert — April 17, 2006

Hive7 supports integration into other sites/blogs/etc. Additionally our API allows users to choose the specifics of integration, customize behavior etc. Principal difference I think its purely technical aspect of hosting preference of your private virtual world (on Hive7 farm or own PHP server). Nonetheless, seems to be great OSS project, a nice addition to every webmaster toolkit.

Comment by MaxS — April 17, 2006

Woo..the first DutchPIPE FUD :) And over a two point drop in rating after your visit *grin* It seems DutchPIPE is doing something right…

Integration? There will be various methods, as you’ll want to use it on existing sites or modules like phpbb or a cms. This is one method (alpha! some things won’t work) that will make it to the first release:
Mailman (GNU maillist software): (original) (dutchpiped)

Actually this one not only allows integration but also 3rd party sites.
E.g. you could surf with it to, and see the avatars attached to each page just like on

The differences at first glance seem to be that hive7 is more developed, and indeed that DutchPIPE is open source and DIY.

Comment by Lennert — April 18, 2006

Lennert, it would be better if you tone down the rhetoric a bit. My comment addressed perceived misconception about Hive7 possibilities. It does not diminish in any way what you have done. As far failing ratings (whatever metric you mean) it may be more constructive to accept them as valuable market feedback rather then raging against the world. UI quality comes to mind: on the web today you are only as good as your pixels. I do get you are trying to do “AJAX MUD/Zork� – I doubt even tenth of your visitors got far enough through UI to understand that.

Comment by MaxS — April 18, 2006

LOL. Nice FUD ;) I like the way you know all DutchPIPE features and possibilities, in the blind, and continue to comment on what you made up. Looking how you go around the web and talk about hive7, your “rage” comment also falls right into place. Geez, relax man. And the rating dropped again afer your visit. Must be hard to see an open source alternative pop up like that. I’d say customer service and a good attitude towards peope with reputation to match are very important for a commercial product. Still, good luck with your stuff, it looks amazingly cool. And if it makes you feel any better, soon you can download DutchPIPE and “steal” anything you like while fudding anything you supposedly did better. Cheers,

Comment by Lennert — April 19, 2006

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