Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

DWR joins the Dojo Foundation – Joe Walker joins SitePen

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I am really excited to post this piece of news, as I genuinely like everyone involved. At the last Ajax Experience, Alex Russell and Joe Walker gave a joint keynote. At one point it was going to be slightly different, but this news hadn’t been totally completed so it was held off (having to start a UK company, blah blah).

The news is that DWR has joined the Dojo Foundation. This is all thanks to SitePen, which Joe Walker has joined (technically, he has joined the UK Ltd etc).

I am excited to see what will come out of a closer collaboration. Ben recently had to implement a dashboard that needed to tie in to backend Java code, and DWR was a breeze and handled everything for him, including batching, which meant that only a few larger transactions were occurring instead of millions of little calls.

Anyway, back to the news:

“SitePen has experienced significant growth this year and we’re well
aware of the amazing talent and opportunity that will open up by
expanding in the UK, and all of Europe for that matter,” said SitePen
CEO, Dylan Schiemann. “Having a developer as talented as Joe Walker
join SitePen and head up our UK operations is an amazing win for SitePen
and its clients, who will now have access to even more valuable
expertise with DWR and related technologies.”

DWR is an important open source library for Ajax and Java developers
because it simplifies development of applications based on Ajax, Reverse
Ajax, and Comet techniques. DWR will become part of the Dojo
Foundation, home of the Dojo Toolkit, Cometd and OpenRecord projects.
All Dojo Foundation projects exist separately, preserving flexibility
and choice for the varying development communities.

“SitePen is an extremely forward-thinking company that understands the
tremendous value of open source and I’m excited to be a part of it,”
said Joe Walker. “Donating DWR to the Dojo Foundation will allow for
increased adoption and a stable environment in a great organization.”

“Development teams, both small and large, have quickly discovered the
benefits of using DWR in conjunction with leading Ajax libraries like
Dojo, TIBCO General Interface, Scriptaculous, and others. “DWR joining
the Dojo Foundation is a great win for the DWR community,” said Kevin
Hakman, director, TIBCO Software, Inc. who has been a corporate sponsor
of DWR’s development for more than a year. “The close alignment of these
projects, and the anticipated integration points between them, will
serve to further simplify creating Ajax applications for Java developers.”

A huge congrats to Joe, Dylan, Alex, and the rest of the teams.

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This is big news!

Congratulations to the Dojo Foundation for this big forward step.

Comment by dcrec1 — December 11, 2007

This is great news! Dojo after its facelist was great! And DWR has always been a sleek piece of work. The marriage of both is gonna be really something!



Comment by Zoob — December 13, 2007

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