Friday, June 3rd, 2005

DWR version 0.8 Released

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DWR (Direct Web Remoting) version 0.8 contains a big list of new features. You can download
version 0.8 from

DWR is AJAX and XMLHttpRequest made easy. It makes it simple to call Java on the server directly from Javascript in the browser marshalling all the parameters and return values.

It gets rid of almost all the boiler plate code between the web browser and your Java code.

The change log includes:

  • Batch sending of remote calls: DWR will now send a group of remote calls together in a single batch to reduce network latency.
  • Provision of call ordering promises: DWR can return results in the order in which they were sent using DWREngine.setOrdered() .
  • Fine grained access control: You can now specify exactly which methods are allowed and disallowed using the include and exclude elements in dwr.xml.
  • J2EE role based authorization: You can now specify that certain methods are only available to users with certain roles.
  • Enhanced debug pages: The debug pages at >http://localhost:8080/[YOUR-WEB-APP]/dwr have been enhanced to allow you to enter parameters other than strings, to show more detail on returned objects and to give more feedback on why methods are unavailable.
  • Auto-fill of Servlet Spec parameters: If you have a DWR remoted method that has an HttpServletRequest parameter then DWR will automatically fill it in for you. This gives you a way of accessing HttpServletRequest like ExecutionContext except that you don’t get the dependency on DWR. It also works for HttpServletResponse etc.
  • Logging is now fine grained, and there is more of it: If you were turning DWR debug on globally, you probably don’t want to any more!
  • You can specify detailed type information for collections: List, Set etc don’t have type info (and even under 1.5 it seems you can’t get at it) so you can specify the types in dwr.xml

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