Friday, April 27th, 2007

DWR Version 2.0 Final Released

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I hope Joe had a nice warm beer last night after he released the final version of DWR 2.0.

We have been talking about this release for awhile, and it is great stuff. Now you can do amazing things with Reverse Ajax, and know that security is core to the framework.

We asked Joe now that this version is out of the door, what is he looking to do for future releases:

JMS support, and OpenAjax Hub support so you can do pub/sub across
reverse ajax from one browser to another and back onto an enterprise
message bus.

ImageConverter to take Swing Images and turn them into Gifs. This would
make things like JCaptcha easy, but it also enable sexy things like
running a Swing app with -headless, taking screenshots and broadcasting
them to browsers. Add some event handling and you have multi-user X over

A Reverse Ajax compiler so we can take a large Javascript API (like for
example GI ;-) and create a Java version that generates script that can
be posted over reverse ajax.

An a million dull things like a better API to convert from
ScriptSessions to HttpSessions, session delete on window close, etc.

Good stuff to come!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:46 am

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Nice work Joe!

Comment by Kevin Hakman — April 27, 2007

Warm beer? Do you blokes really drink warm beer? :-)

Comment by Ryan Gahl — April 27, 2007

Damn Joe, this looks cool. Congrats.

Brad Neuberg

Comment by Brad Neuberg — April 27, 2007

Warm beer? Nope, on this occasion, a Barolo – not a fancy old one, but very much enjoyed none the less.

Comment by Joe Walker — April 29, 2007

Warm beer? Do you blokes really drink warm beer? :-)

Some beers are “supposed” to be had warm (mostly porters and some stouts, but I’m guessing some lighter styles too).

Comment by Trevor — April 29, 2007

Nice Nice Work Joe!!!

Comment by Crios — May 1, 2007

I will go to see

Comment by pizzro — October 3, 2007

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