Friday, December 19th, 2008

DWR 3.0 near final release with RC

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Joe Walker and team have announced the first RC for DWR 3.0. We asked Joe to tell us what is new:

DWR now supports:

  • varargs
  • method overloading
  • typed parameters
  • binary file upload/download
  • it has a set of new types it can marshall

DWR will let you use JavaScript to implement Java interfaces (e.g. to register a Listener interface to publish changes to waiting browsers using Reverse Ajax), we now have 3 modes to control resource usage and there is a more scalable Reverse Ajax layer.

There are new integrations with Dojo, TIBCO GI and Aptana Jaxer, and a new DOM manipulation library.

We have special asynchronous servlet support for Tomcat and Glassfish, and our Spring and Guice integrations have been beefed up.

We now support JSONP and JSON-RPC, and there’s a whole bunch of etc thrown in for good measure too.

There is a more complete list at Joe’s blog, or you can just skip straight to the download page.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:02 am
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