Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

DWR/TIBCO GI Integration: gi.js

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Joe Walker has released the DWR/TIBCO GI integration library:

gi.js is a library to help integrate DWR with TIBCO GI. It is due for official release with DWR 3.0, however it is reasonably stable now, and will probably only undergo performance tweaking before the official 3.0 release.

Since it doesn’t have any dependencies on DWR, it can be used without waiting for an official release. The best place to download it is either via a milestone release of DWR (see the download page), or through the FishEye view of the DWR CVS repository. See this direct link to gi.js.

The article walks through a simple example integrating with a fake social network backend:


  1. SocialNetwork.getFriends(function(friendList) {
  2.   var cdf =, "jsxid");
  3.   giApp.getCache().setDocument("friendDataId", cdf);
  4.   giApp.getJSXByName('friendMatrix').repaint();  
  5. });

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