Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Dynamic Silverlight Launched: Ruby and more in the browser

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John Lam has posted about a new release, DSL: Dynamic Silverlight. I can’t believe that Microsoft is going to take the DSL TLA ;)

Our team is happy to announce Dynamic Silverlight (DSL), which integrates our DLR dynamic languages with Silverlight. It requires Silverlight 2, which includes the cross-platform CLR and a set of libraries for rich graphics, media and web programming. It is packaged as a Silverlight extension, which means that it is downloaded in addition to Silverlight on an as-needed basis.

DSL has a runtime and an SDK component. The runtime consists of two assemblies: Microsoft.Scripting.dll, and Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight.dll. You’ll also need the language assemblies, which are IronRuby.dll and IronRuby.Libraries.dll for Ruby and IronPython.dll and IronPython.Modules.dll for Python. The runtime component is a small additional download. Today, the IronRuby Silverlight runtime is just a 712KB download, which takes less than 5 seconds to download over modern broadband.

Now you can get Ruby in your browser:

John also talked about Chiron, a mini Web server that lets you develop against a local file system with ease. We will find out more, and get access to the bits, on Friday when John gives his MIX talk.

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Very cool. Great to see… been following John Lam’s blog for awhile, he is really pushing good things over at Microsoft it seems… IronRuby and the DLR are very encouraging to see… Ruby is my favorite lang, great to see it finding its way into the browser via Screaming Monkey (FireFox) and now Silverlight. Congrats to John Lam and his team… will be great to see how this all matures! Many thanks.

Comment by Mark Holton — March 5, 2008

Well, it’s certainly nice to see more language options for platforms. Gives developers the power to choose the tools, that makes the most sense to them.

But, I’ve yet to see the genious of Silverlight itself. Perhaps someone could link to a genious article, that will explain the WHY of Silverligt to agnostics?

Comment by Morgan Roderick — March 6, 2008

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