Friday, October 6th, 2006

EastMedia Looking for User Interface / Ajax Developer in NYC

We are looking for a Designer/JS Developer double-hitter that can work with our team to build a clean, modern Web application. Our goal is to find someone that can provide design, CSS/HTML, and JS development needed to build the front-end for our slick app. You will be working with a team of expert Rails developers (we co-founded the NYC.rb user group here). Being on-site in Manhattan is a requirement.

* Design UI / User Experience (UX), including mockups
* Cut HTML/CSS into templates, integrate with Rails ERb templates
* Develop JS behavior using most appropriate tools (we use Prototype/Scriptaculous)
* Collaborate with the developers and product manager regularly

* Strong ‘pragmatic’ design approach for building modern Web tools
* Photoshop
* Expert HTML/CSS skills
* Strong skills in Javascript ‘Ajax’ development, particularly when needed for integration for a framework like Ruby on Rails (which already offers excellent Ajax support)
* Strong skills in working in team environment. The team will be small, friendly and comfortable.

This job will last for approximately 6 weeks, possibly longer. Please contact Include your resume and samples of your work. Thanks!

About EastMedia:
EastMedia is a software, mobile and business development firm based in NYC. We are experts in building high quality, cutting edge Web-based solutions. Currently we work primarily with Ruby on Rails (our team members are regular speakers and authors on the subject), but we will use whatever the best technology is for the job. Recent clients include VeriSign and the New York Jets.

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 1:53 pm
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