Thursday, March 24th, 2005

Echo2: New framework built around Ajax

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Echo is a Java Web Framework. Now, a new version of the framework, Echo2 has been released (in experimental/alpha mode).

It has some interesting Ajaxian features, and you should check out the interactive demo.

Rad the discussion on this from the Java crowd:

Echo2 is a reinvention of the Echo Web Framework
built around an Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) rendering
engine. Distributed under the Mozilla Public License, Echo2 aims at
providing a component-oriented/event-driven toolkit for developing web
applications that approach the capabilities of rich clients.

​Echo2 uses the array of Ajax technologies in the interest of providing
a more rich-client-like user experience. All client/server interaction
is accomplished over an XMLHttpRequest wire. An entire Echo application
runs from within a single web page – without a reload nor full page
update. User input is sent to the server by POSTing XML documents over
XMLHttpRequests. The server reciprocates with XML messages containing
synchronization instructions, which are then processed by pluggable
client-side JavaScript modules. The net result is a markedly more fluid
and “desktop-like” user experience and a dramatic performance
improvement when compared to traditional web application technologies.

way of understanding how the rendering engine works is to watch an
Echo2 application run in “Debug Mode”, which causes all the XML
synchronization messages to be displayed. Debug Mode can be enabled by
appending “?debug” to the URL of an Echo2 application. You can see this
for yourself by visiting the “Interactive Test” application here: (Please note that running in Debug Mode will cause a substantial performance degradation.)

web rendering is performed behind the scenes with Echo2’s entirely
Java-based user-interface toolkit. The end-developer need only be
concerned with the server-side representation of the user-interface.
Echo’s “Web Application Container” monitors the state of the component
hierarchy and takes care of all communication with the client browser.
The Application Container is responsible for processing synchronization
messages from the client, and notifying the server-side application of
user actions via plain Java events. When modifications are made to the
server-side hierarchy of components representing an instance of the
user-interface, the Application Container translates these changes into
an efficient synchronization message sent to the client to bring its
state up to date with the>
The current release of
Echo2 is 2.0 Alpha 3. Please understand that Echo2 is currently in the
alpha stage and is under heavy development. We welcome input and
participation in the project. Please visit for more information and downloads. Our Echo community developer forums are also available at

For a sample demonstration application written using Echo2, please visit:

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doesn’t seem to work in Safari.

All web rendering is performed behind the scenes with Echo2’s entirely Java-based user-interface toolkit

I don’t understand this. Why would rendering be done by Java? Ajax is supposed to be rendered in (d)html.

I also don[‘t understand why so much energy is spent on the server while Ajax is almost entirely a client-side thing.

Comment by pb — March 25, 2005

you are an idiot..Echo2 makes the refresh for the rendering with Ajax. Echo2 is a framework that lets you write web application with pure java code in a MVC way. You don’t need to know anything about web to build powerfull ajax applications. it is as simple as that. echo2 its a great tool.

Comment by dude — July 10, 2006

That’s the problem. You don’t need to know…

Imho, there’s no need even to know java for web application development. There’s just fine languages like PHP && Perl… There’s javascript…

You, java devs, are trying to recycle a language suited for other purposes(for connecting freezers over the net) over and over, web that doesn’t need it.

Just try to “know”…

The same thing my colleagues are developing in java, using the echo2 framework, for three monthes already, I would be able to develop in three weeks using PHP. Funny, don’t you think so?

Well, I’m not saying: “Java is a futile language”, just let use it where there’s really need of it!


Comment by piedpiper — July 28, 2006

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