Friday, January 18th, 2008

Eclipse RAP Demonstration

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Back in October we discussed the new Eclipse RAP tool that tries to bring OSGi to the client.

Michael Coté of Redmonk interviewed Jochen Krause to discuss RAP, and show application development in action:

In this two part screencast, Jochen Krause and I talk about the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform, or RAP for short. RAP is a front-end framework that uses the Eclipse RCP programming model to create Ajax front-ends in Java. In the first part, Jochen gives us an overview of RAP and how it fits into the overall Eclipse runtime and then shows a few demos of using RAP in the second part.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:36 am

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Nice, but would be more usable when the video could be delivered in a better quality. In this form it is quite useless because nothing in the Eclipse window is readable.

Comment by wpbasti — January 18, 2008

Thanks siksia. That helped a lot. (Tried it first in Safari, where the fullscreen mode does not seem to work.)

Comment by wpbasti — January 20, 2008

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