Monday, April 12th, 2010

ECMA-262-3 in detail

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It is quite a while I am following Dmitry A. Soshnikov posts in the javascript group but only yesterday He finally announced that his excellent work is complete!

As demonstrated few days ago via JScript ES3 Implementation, there is much more to know about every single engine implementation or interpretation and sometimes the only way to understand what is true and respected and what is not, is still features detection and/or tons of conformance tests.

On the other hand, while JavaScript community keeps growing up on daily basis, not every developer read or understood properly current specs, and this is why I do believe these Dmitry articles can help all of us to learn, repeat, and understand, what’s going on behind the scene.

  1. Execution Contexts, what does “global” mean and how it works
  2. Variable object, the gotcha behind global and in-scope variables
  3. This, who is it and how it works
  4. Scope chain, and the implicit lookups
  5. Functions, the chapter MS in first place should have better read
  6. Closures, what exactly are these beasts
  7. OOP: The general or better, the way we keep comparing JS with non prototypal programming languages
  8. OOP: ECMAScript or better, the way it really is for JS
  9. Evaluation strategy and how to deal with the right reference

Thanks again for this effort and following your tweet about:

So, all translation of current version of ECMA-262-3 series are completed. Now by plans, deep articles on new ES5 and – the book #javascript

I can’t wait to read the next ES5 collection!

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Thanks for the content, but perhaps the publishers should get a native English speaker to take a quick look at articles before publishing them?

Comment by sos — April 12, 2010

I agree about the English. I think we reserve capitalised “He” for God… But this does look useful, so thanks!

Comment by Skilldrick — April 12, 2010

@Skilldrick – well if he was talking about Brendan Eich…
But there’s plenty of meat in there. My bedtime reading for the next week

Comment by AngusC — April 12, 2010

I’ve read through these when they were announced by Dmitry on Twitter. They are absolutely fantastic; a must read! Thanks Dmitry.

Comment by frio80 — April 12, 2010

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