Sunday, June 10th, 2007

ECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation

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There is a new website,, created by the ECMAScript group to share information about ES Edition 4, and the first milestone release, which is implemented in ML.

You can download the reference interpreter as well as checking out the documentation.

Brendan Eich blogged about the release:

As Dave notes, this is a “pre-release” in the Open Source, “release early and often” sense. We are not done yet, but the Reference Implementation passes over 90% of the ES3 tests that we host in I should note here that the Reference Implementation already handles a great deal of ES4 in addition to most of ES3, so for example the self-hosted built-in classes are mostly there.

This is just the beginning. Our plan is to finish the Reference Implementation over the summer and then work on specification language to surround pretty-printed excerpts of the SML and self-hosted ES4 code. At the same time, Mozilla, Adobe, and anyone who wants to help will bring up the new language on Tamarin in the new Mercurial repository. I’ll have more to say about that in a bit.

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why can’t i download it ?

Comment by wow powerleveling — June 10, 2007

Hooray for namespaces, boo for truning JS into Java clone…

Comment by nea — June 11, 2007

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