Monday, July 3rd, 2006 ajax driven user content

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eefoof is a new project that offers a user-submitted content site similar to YouTube, Google Video, AlbinoBlackSheep, etc, except we share ad revenue with content submitters. Users earn a portion of the site’s ad revenue based on how much traffic their submission(s) receives.

Ajax comes into play heavily for the media galleries on the site. The Ajax interface is designed to minimize page reloads and provide a pleasant experience to the user.

Ajax is also used extensively during content submission. When a user is uploading a file they are shown a progress indicator with bytes received / speed. One of the neat features is that when uploading an image, the user sees the image being drawn in the webpage as the server is receiving the data, live.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:10 am

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Ugly, poorly conceived, half-hearted, half-backed rip-off.

Comment by ajaxmeoff — July 3, 2006

Ugly, poorly conceived, half-hearted, half-baked rip-off.

Comment by ajaxmeoff — July 3, 2006

Which site is it ripping off? I’m not aware of any sites that allow profit sharing based on the popularity of your uploads.

Comment by Reader — July 4, 2006

here is one: Revver

Comment by Michael — July 5, 2006

In my opinion, the interesting thing about that site is not the ajax-ified UI, but rather the business model.

Comment by Julien Couvreur — July 6, 2006


Comment by Miguel Benevides — July 9, 2006

or tons of others, nothing new here, just a joke that it’s getting any attention at all. perhaps VC has forgotten the failed business model of oh, say, every site from 1997-2001

Comment by Tivod — July 14, 2006

Eefoof gets a lot of critiques by zambada at In some degree I agree with zambada.

Comment by Lars Henriksson — July 25, 2006

eefoof’s pageview revenue sharing model is more closely aligned to the Motion.TV pageview model (where I have earned $1.76 in three months). At Revver, the attached ad model has earned me over $2,000 in three months. There are three other revenue sharing sites that I’m aware of, but since I haven’t tried them yet, I can’t give you FACTS.

Comment by Marquisdejolie — July 29, 2006

P.S. This is the message you get if you try to go to eefoof at this very moment: “Currently making an emergency move to new hardware, hopefully should be back within 12 hours, sorry, the eefoof team.”

Comment by Marquisdejolie — July 29, 2006

Try … you can even make money by submitting other peoples videos. So many services to choose from guys. Revenue share is going to be the future of Internet. Our UGC is worth something.

Comment by Roach — August 1, 2006

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