Monday, June 12th, 2006

Emergetk – new Ajax toolkit for .NET

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Ben Joldersma has announced release 0.1 of the Emerge Toolkit, an Ajax web framework targeting C# and Dojo. The current release targets C# 2.0 and Dojo 0.2.2, with plans to update to the latest Dojo 0.3 release by July. Browser support includes Firefox, IE, and Opera, with partial Safari support.

  • Instantaneous, two way communication between server and browser with Comet transport
  • 100% C# 2.0 – Write your application in your favorite CLR-supported language.
  • Build application logic with existing widgets (built on Dojo) or roll your own.
  • Create interfaces in C# or XML, and style them with CSS.
  • Integrated O/R mapper – write your models in C# or XML. Store them in an embedded SQLite database, or soon MySQL or SQL Server
  • Prototype applications rapidly with our Scaffold (inspired by Rails) and other data bound widgets
  • Present data visually with SVG widgets, with plans to use Dojo’s VML compatibility layer
  • Tie everything togther with live data binding services for simultaneous event updates
  • GPL and commercial licenses available.

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this is really fun… examples jus doesn’t work in geko! ;)

Comment by marto — June 12, 2006

What examples don’t work? FireFox is my main browser, so they should work the best there.

The server is experiencing some interesting stress from the traffic. This will affect the examples, because if the server recycles, then you will lose your state. I use polling on the front page, but maybe it should be comet. Lots of good information to look at in the logs.

Again, please bear with, this is still at a very early stage :)

Comment by Ben Joldersma — June 12, 2006

.NET ist CRAP CRAP CRAP. burn in hell C#!

Comment by ba nause — June 13, 2006

The integration with .NET seems pretty efficient, compared to Script# for example. It could make it quite nicely into C# developpers workflow.
I now hope it can eventually be ported to mono, so anti-MS folks will stop trolling around ;)

Comment by Philippe — June 13, 2006

It works for me in gecko, but you must allow cookies. Without cookies, nothing will happen, no error messages… Too bad, maybe should you put a message explaining this.

Comment by Clochix — June 13, 2006

ba nause have you ever used C# or .Net? I take it you havent since you think it should burn in hell. Well you should get off your ass, and start learning a real language (by the way php isnt really a programming language in theory). Or are you a java fan? Get with it! The world is powered by Microsoft, join in or think of a change in career path!

Comment by adam — June 13, 2006

I happen to enjoy C#, and I think that dotnet has a lot of architectural strengths. I also am aware of many of its shortcomings, and/or design decisions I disagree with (like lack of covariance in generics for example.)

Mono support is very high on the list — I’ve been watching that project closely since 2002 or so. I just need to sort out the differences in the generics implementations. I spent about a week struggling with the port, and threw in the towl in March, but I’m ready to tackle it again.

Clochix: I’m not sure what you mean about the cookies. Can you elaborate a bit on this?

thanks everyone for taking a peek.


Comment by Ben Joldersma — June 13, 2006

C# is my programming language of choice, look forward to checking this out soon.

Comment by ES — June 13, 2006

One suggestion I have for most ajax frameworks out there is to implement an Iframe proxy. The reason is for gov agencies, because of security reasons, many disabled activeX and the only one I’ve seen such far that does IFrame proxy is AjaxPro.NET (if the author is interested, you can take a look at how he did in his blog and source)

I’ve been thinking about how to integrate with dojo for a long time and it’s GREAT and EXCITING to see Emergetk, looking forward to test it out (till I get home that is, can’t do any ajax stuff here in Gov) Sounds like a very promising framework.

Comment by Liming — June 13, 2006

I like it, I can see uses for it in future projects. Not to get into the Microsoft vs. World debate but I’ve not found a langauge that I enjoy coding in as much as I enjoy coding c#. Also, the simularities in syntax between c# and javascript make client/server coding a lot eaiser for the brain to deal with.

Comment by rich — June 13, 2006

i need a piece of ass..

Comment by katayan — June 14, 2006

Thanks Liming :)

Since emergetk uses dojo on the browser, and dojo provides an IframeTransport, it would be relatively simple to adjust emerge to exclusively use the IframeTransport.

Comment by Ben Joldersma — June 14, 2006

adam said: “The world is powered by Microsoft, join in or think of a change in career path” – that’s B U L L S H I T

Comment by anti-m$ — July 6, 2006

Honestly people, why the religious zealotry? Java is useful, so is .NET, Dojo kicks ass, but so do other Javascript libraries. The world is not powered by Microsoft, or any other company – they’re all just people who want your money, so why get personally attached any particular one? Choose the best tools for the task at hand (personally I’m a Java + Dojo guy, with a smattering of PHP), and save the vitriol for a subject that warrants it.
Back on topic, this project seems to be a very good idea, I wonder what the ATLAS people think about it? Given that Microsoft are the main (only?) contributors to Atlas, and the world and his dog are contributing to Dojo (IBM, Sun, AOL, Oracle, Apache… the list goes on…), with this project bringing Dojo to .NET, are ATLAS’ days numbered even before it’s out of beta?
One thing that might be a turn off for this library is the GPL license – many companies avoid it like the plague. LGPL would be better, or even something similar to Dojo’s very permissive license which is the first thing all it’s large contributors looked at before they even considered it’s technical capabilities

Comment by SOS — July 31, 2006

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