Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Empressr: An Ajax/Flash-enabled Online Presentation Tool

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As mentioned on the Ajax Blog, there’s a new player in the online presentation arena that combines Ajax and Flash to make for an easy to create, sharable online presentation.

Empressr is a new Ajax/Flash-based web application that lets you create, share and store presentations online.

With Empressr’s dynamic web 2.0 features, you can: Incorporate streaming video, audio and animations, Select from over 100 fonts and dozens of stock images, Store frequently used assets in personal libraries, Access Empressr at any time, from any computer, Invite others to view presentations online, at the same time, via a web URL, and much more.

They make creation easy with a WYSIWYG style Flash-based editor to help you quickly and easily create presentations, so you don’t need to worry about knowing Flash or Ajax to get the job done. You can even check out a sample slide show off of their “About” page with an overview of the features they offer.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:18 am

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I have an issue with a certain windows update that kills most flash player detection scripts (i have to uninstall flash plugin reinstall). So I got to see their no flash warning…. simple a page with a js error and the words ‘get flash 7’…. come on now… if you are going to be pro make that look a lil shnazzy’er

Comment by Mario — September 6, 2006

It doesn’t work. The “Create presentation” link goes to an error page.

Comment by Casey — September 6, 2006

Hey Casey, Sorry to hear you got an error, It happens, we are still modifying code all the time (it’s why we are calling it alpha), we are pushing out what we are calling our final Alpha release tomorrow, (or Friday) with additional features and yes Bug fixes. If you are into it, let us know how you got the error (aside from what you already wrote) it will help us track down the cause. And try it again, you might like it.

Thanks for checking us out

Oh and Mario, yeah we have some not so pretty error pages… we have be focusing our efforts on the application, we will of course improve them in a future release.


Comment by Bryan Thatcher — September 6, 2006

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