Friday, November 10th, 2006

Erlang Ajax Jukebox

Category: Showcase

Tony Garnock-Jones released an Ajax jukebox written with Prototype on the frontend and Erlang on the backend.

  • You point the jukebox at one or more root URLs, which it then spiders, collecting URLs for MP3 and OGG files, which it puts into a simple flat-file database. Just expose, say, your iTunes folder via Apache, point the Jukebox at it, and you’re away.

  • It relies on mpg123 and ogg123’s support for playing HTTP-streamed MP3 and OGG files, respectively, rather than retrieving or playing the media itself.

  • The user interface is completely written in HTML+Javascript, using prototype for its event
    binding and XMLHttpRequest support.

  • The server side of the application communicates with the user interface solely via JSON-RPC.

  • Erlang made a great platform for the server side of the application. Its support for clean, simple concurrency let me design the program in a very natural way.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:46 am

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Comment by solace — November 10, 2006

Here ya go :

Comment by Sam — November 10, 2006

thanks Sam!

Comment by solace — November 10, 2006

It is great to see Erlang in use! That platform is WAY underutilized today. I think Erlang is Server 2.0–the perfect companion to Web 2.0.

Comment by Eric Newhuis — November 12, 2006

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