Friday, April 9th, 2010

ES5: Kangax details and browser info

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Kangax is at it again with more good info.

His recent presentation goes into detail on what is ECMAScript Edition 5.

And also shared his compatibility table that measures the existence of functionality (doesn’t fully test that functionality).

There is a lot of green for Chrome, WebKit, and Firefox…. where we are just waiting on Object.seal/freeze and Function.prototype.bind.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:19 am

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Nice work kangax.

Comment by VeejayRampay — April 9, 2010

A more useable link to the slideshow is here.
Terrific work Kangax. Your explanations are crystal clear. Thanks!
It’s getting very tired to constantly knock IE…but I have to say it would be almost criminal if IE9 did not support create and the new Array API. Sure I know the libraries do it already (and Prototype.js does it best) but:
1) Any time the libraries can defer to native browser code has to be good.
2) I think we have a duty to continue to teach in native JavaScript, and as the author of a tutorial-style blog I can attest to the tedium of writing every forEach and every map in long hand.

Comment by AngusC — April 10, 2010

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