Thursday, August 11th, 2005

ESPN Using Ajaxian Preview

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The ESPN new headlines are using Ajaxian callbacks to get previews of the news when you mouseover the headline.

The previews are pretty tiny, so does this make sense versus having that data sent back with the main page?


Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:03 am

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Makes little sense to me, wrote up a while back about doing the same thing and they seem to have reverted back.

What might make sense if there are a lot of items is to wait for the first call, then download all the headlines at once.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — August 11, 2005

In this specific case the usefulness may be limited but as a proof-of-concept it makes sense.

What I mean is that this same thing can be applied to other lists. Especially VERY long lists.

I currently have tables (for tabular data, don’t fret) that may have up to 900 lines onscreen at any given time. This is necessary because all data needs to be viewable and onscreen at the same time (the fact that the process I did this for as a requirement could be flawed is another matter). Currently I display very basic information in each line because otherwise I’d be forcing the users to scroll in both directions. The information I currently display is what’s needed to work normally but from time to time it may be needed to check further info on a specific line. Using Ajax to fetch that on-demand without having to reload the whole table (which uses javascript for sorting and coloring) would be overkill and the other options are frames (no-no) and popup windows (no-no).

So, whenever loading extra information means multiplying the total of the file but that extra information will be checked only sporadically then AJAX to me seems like a good choice.

Incidentally, I’m trying to implement Ajax callback in OverLib, as I already use it for popup information and I’d rather keep on using it instead of having yet another routine for popup information. Has anyone managed to get OverLib working with Ajax? I’d love to see how they’ve done it.


Comment by Eduo — August 12, 2005

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