Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

Euro OSCON Ajax Presentation

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I had a great time presenting to the Euro OSCON crowd on Ajax this week.

As promised, I have placed the slides up on the site.

Having to squeeze the presentation down to 45 minutes was tough, as we have so many exciting things in Ajax to chat about.

What is special about speaking at events such as these, is the crowd.

I was a little curious to see what the crowd would be like, considering that the talk just before mine was by Autrijus Tang
, on learning Haskell. Autrijus is the great fellow who has founded Pugs, an implementation of Perl 6 written in Haskell.

At the end of his talk i expected everyone to get up and leave, and was surprised to see quite a few people hanging out to listen to me chat about Ajax. What an interesting niche, of developers who wanted to learn about Haskell AND Ajax in the same day. Great stuff!

You also learn a lot of humility at these events. I happened to be wearing my Firefox t-shirt, and of course discussed Firefox in the presentation.

At the end, a group came up with questions, and thoughts, and some of the questions were on Firefox again. As I was attempting to help out one nice fellow, I noticed the person next to him listening in. I looked at his conference badge and found that it was no other than Ben Goodger of Firefox (and Google in his day job).

“Erm, you may be better off asking this gentleman about Firefox things!”

I had a nice chat with Ben and some other Mozilla folks, and I am really excited about what they are adding to the browser. The thought of support for a standard offline storage API makes us very happy, and this is one of a million things they are working on. I hope we get to chat more in the future.

So, thanks to all that came to the presentation, you made it fun.

Oh, and it was funny to talk about Ajax in a town where the “Ajax” football team was playing midweek :)


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Get that presentation on pdf so everyone can actually look at it, and not just the people who have powerpoint installed ;)

Comment by Fred Oliveira — October 22, 2005

Good point Fred :)




Comment by Dion Almaer — October 23, 2005

Nice presentation! Thanks!

Comment by Bill Wood — October 24, 2005

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