Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Even more ajax portals: Eskobo and Porcubine

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Techcrunch recently posted on the flood of ajax desktops, highlighting the recent Eskobo. Eskobo looks very similiar to a lot of the ajax portal apps you’ve probably seen, with the drag and drop funtionality and ability to add your own feeds.

A more interesting player in this crowded space is Porcupine Web Application Server, from Inno:Script. Its an open source (LGPL) server designed for creating ajax web apps via servlets, Python server pages, or XML-RPC. The demo (login with demo/demo) opens up an impressive window based gui in your browser. Check out the Quix widget in the demo, their javascript engine for building UIs from XUL in IE6+ or Mozilla/Firefox.

From their wiki:

Porcupine provides an object-oriented framework for rapid development of Rich Internet Applications. The server side components consist of an embedded object database and a multi threaded TCP-IP server capable of executing Python servlets and Python Server Pages. Porcupine also includes QuiX, a JavaScript XUL motor that can be optionally used on the client side for deploying rich user interfaces.

I have yet to see one of these ajax portals or desktops replace a combo of google, gmail, and an online feed reader as the best starting point for getting things done.

porcupine desktop

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That eskobo site is a virtual carbon copy of netvibes’ functionality and interface.

That’s pretty ridiculous copying.

Comment by Jon — December 13, 2005

Take a look at http://www.goowy.com. Although the front end is developed in Flash it uses the same principles as AJAX and has a few AJAX components.

The biggest thing is that functionaly it does the 3 things you mentioned in your post that you havent seen other Ajax portals do.

They offer an advanced email, contacts and calendar application (thats your Gmail replacement or compliment if you pop).

Widgets (similar to konfab) which include google search, technorati, weather and more.

And an integrated RSS reader similar to netvibes and others.

Also they have a desktop exe that delivers all of this right onto your desktop.

Comment by alex — December 13, 2005

Somewhere on the East Coast of the US, the WebOS code base is rolling in its early grave.

Comment by Alex Russell — December 13, 2005

That previous desktop, the XIN whatever, was actually damn more advanced than this one..?

Comment by Pete — December 14, 2005

Even more dupe ajax sites tested here http://digg.com/links/Personalised_AJAX_Homepages:_Roundup_and_Review.

How many more do you think there will be?

Comment by Paula — December 18, 2005

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